Story Jam: Women Who Gave No F*cks

Date:Thu 10 Feb
Venue:J2 (seated reduced capacity event)
Price:Pay What You Feel

This event has been postponed from Wed 26 Jan to Thu 10 Feb due to a positive Covid 19 case in the company. Tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date. If you have any questions or queries, please contact our box office at

We bring you glittering pound-shop prizes, a human clap-o-meter and total power. Who will you crown Supreme Giver of Absolutely None?

Stand-up tale-tellers slam down the stories, with an MC to keep things clean. Brace yourselves for no-holds-barred tales to make you want to rip up the rule book and riot!

Women around the globe are hitting the headlines standing up to abuse of power, and calling out inequality. We began tweeting one another the names and images of inspiring super-women who stalk through the world’s myths and legends. Excited by what we found, we dug deeper. Many were new to us – side-lined and almost forgotten. No longer!

From Magyar domestic warrior and Irish pirate queen, to naughty Greek pig-wife belly goddess, Japanese Sun deity, and Sumerian sword-wielding nemesis, we present myths and legends of females outgunning adversity. Wielding wit, brains, cunning, courage, righteous rage and the occasional superpower, these imperfect women embody what can be achieved when we give absolutely no fucks. A celebratory, inspiring night meant for men as much as women.

Every night features a different guest performer, and a new mix of stories. No two nights the same!

This is a reduced capacity event to allow more space within the auditorium.



Spring 2022 Arts Guide

For the safety of artists, audiences, and staff we are introducing some extra requirements to stop the spread of COVID-19. For details on COVID-19 entry requirements please CLICK HERE

Audience - Beyond The Border Festival, Wales  

"Perfect late Saturday night entertainment - a meaty, satisfying message wrapped in an upbeat, hilarious show - seemed to bring out the best in everyone on stage and we all left buzzing"

"Each story was pitch perfect"  

“We loved your fuck off story"  

“It was such a brilliant celebration of women and women storytellers"  

Audience – Albany, London

“Rousing stirring electrifying enlightening”

“WWGNF socks it to the Patriarchy with stories of women from history and legend who took no prisoners and lived life on their own terms.  An antidote to pink, pastel, and barbie dolls, WWGNF inspires, educates, empowers, and above all entertains.  A rousing night out!”

“Rousing stirring electrifying enlightening”

“WWGNF is so essential - people need connection, now more than ever - with badass characters whose stories have survived, somehow, for ages. It's educational and entertaining, without the pressure to remember everything or to laugh every 5 seconds - and the whole thing just feels joyful, hearing women embody females they admire”

“Highly entertaining yet edifying event, that channelled comedy, theatre and 'once upon a time' storytelling all in one go. I admired how much the performers have to 'give a fuck', to search myth, fairytale, folklore and history, to uncover the (often untold) stories of formidable female characters, and package them up as a gift for the audience. I go away from every WWGNF event with renewed belief in my own power, other women's power, and the power of my  own imagination.”

For the safety of artists, audiences, and staff we are introducing some extra requirements to stop the spread of COVID-19. For details on COVID-19 entry requirements please CLICK HERE

Age: 16+ (Explicit, clear, strong language concerning (mostly mythic) bodies, sex and violence is likely. We take care to contextualize this narratively: the stories are chosen to entertain, empower and provide unexpected positive role models.)

Duration: 1hr 50 approx.

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