an*dre neely & moa johansson: with echoes filling up the orbit, but damaged

Date:Sat 28 May 2022
Time:3.45pm | Durational: 1.5 hours | Touch Tour: 2.45pm
Venue:J1 (standing show)
Price:Pay What You Feel

Part of DISRUPT, a two-day programme of disruptive performance. Your day or weekend pass will gain you entry to this event. Passes are available HERE 

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a web occupies the space
vectors of vibrant colours cutting through the air.
the two performers exist within it, control and care for it
as weavers, technicians, communicators
in a constant sculptural process of building and unbuilding, coding and decoding.

WITH ECHOES FILLING UP THE ORBIT, BUT DAMAGED is the first live-performance in moa johansson and an*dre neely’s collaboration. Using fabrics, wearable tech, vocal and movement scores developed over the past three years, moa and an* navigate a joint-vocabulary, through different environments and states of proximity/distance.

moa and an* ask:
What becomes of the constant information-traffic we send back and forth?
Of the selves we create on-, and the dreams we share off-, line?
What shape do our layered relationships and interactions take?
What happens to them, when our physical bodies can no longer be sustained?
How do we map them and let them inhabit physical space?


WITH ECHOES FILLING UP THE ORBIT, BUT DAMAGED is an ongoing research practice between artists an* neely and moa johansson, produced by Becky Plotnek.

an* and moa have been working in collaboration with the support and advice of the following creatives:

Set Design - Tim Spooner
Sound Technology - Xana
Movement - Florence Peake
Outside Eye - Julia Bardsley
Voice - Valerie Renay
Fabric Printing - Ricardo Matos
Costume - Mx Fearon
Lead Access Consultant - Vijay Patel

This work is commissioned by Cambridge Junction and Theatre in the Mill, and with support from our partners Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, Old Diorama Arts Centre and VSSL Studio. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

photo credit: Anna Agilardi

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Part of DISRUPT, a two-day programme of disruptive performance. Your day or weekend pass will gain you entry to this event. Passes are available HERE 

Suitable for all ages.

Durational: 1.5 hours | Touch Tour at 2.45pm

Warning: Potential nudity

Timings and venues are subject to change

moa + an* are working closely with their Lead Access Consultant, Vijay Patel, along with three other access consultants with different fields of experience to ensure the performance is as accessible as we can make it. The show is devised for a free roaming audience but there will be a variety of optional seating available (beanbags, chairs, etc.). There will also be an integrated audio description available, and a touch tour prior to the performance which will be clearly signposted by the venue on the day. Any wheelchair users will also receive comps for their access companions.

This event will be livestreamed, if for any reason you are not comfortable attending in person.


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