Hannah Jane Walker: Sensitive - book event

Date:Tue 13 Sep 2022
Venue:J2 Mezzanine
Price:Pay What You Feel

Hannah Jane Walker is a highly sensitive person, along with around one-fifth of the population. Like many, she was conditioned to believe this was negative and a weakness, a trait that she should try and overcome.

It wasn’t until she had her first child and realised that her little girl was sensitive too that Hannah decided to set out to try and find out about the true role of sensitivity in our lives.

She has spent years researching the subject, interviewing a range of experts across science, education, employment, technology and more, to answer the question: how useful is sensitivity to society? The answer is, very.

In her debut book, Hannah hopes to help change the story of sensitivity, from a negative to a positive. From the vital role it played in our species’ evolution to the value to be found in the skill of sensitivity as we step forwards into the future. Sensitivity is not only a form of strength but is vital to our existence.

In the same way Susan Cain’s Quiet championed introverts, Sensitive will help you value sensitivity on a whole new level.

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Suitable for all ages.

Duration: 1 hour

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