Richard Radio by Richard DeDomenici

Part 1

Richard introduces himself to the Cambridge Leisure Park, uncovers some remaining evidence of the site's former agricultural usage, and finds out all about Cambridge's no-go zones from local gang The Gypsy Boys. 15m

Part 2

Richard forlornly examines four lawns, explores the industrial and residential zones adjacent to the Cambridge Leisure Park, meets local artist Anna Brownsted, and attempts to interview some ants. Contains one Screwfix/Toolstation-related swear. 15m

Part 3

National Houmous Service. Richard meets a busker called Joe, and discusses with him which kinds of leisure are (and are and not) tolerated within Cambridge Leisure Park. Later he goes to get some lunch from Sainsbury’s with a local man called Simon. 15m

Part 3.2

Richard discovers some Chinese ceilidh dancing, before visiting the bowling alley, where he tries a hurricane simulator, gets a bit overwhelmed, and has to recover in the multi-storey car park. Whilst there he suddenly comprehends his proximity to Cambridge’s military industrial complex. 15m

Part 3.6

Richard tests an early warning system upon the Cambridge guided busway. Emboldened, he proposes a method to improve transport accessibility in Coleridge, before walking to the opposite side of the ward, where he attempts to gain access to a mysterious island. 15m

Part 4

As Friday night kicks off Richard is accosted by two Italian teenagers, who almost convince him to goto Serbia with them. The experience leaves Richard slightly bewildered, to the extent that he starts banging on about JG Ballard. 15m


Richard DeDomenici

Richard specialises in urban-absurdist interventions which create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.

DeDomenici's BBC4 adaptation of his inexplicably popular Redux Project was described by reviewer Matt Trueman as one of the smartest, strangest, subversive half hours of television he'd ever seen. 

He's performed in 30+ countries, and this autumn unveils his most ambitious commission yet for the Radical Independent Art Fund.