Resident Frequencies by Lucia Scazzocchio

Resident Frequencies- The Marque/Cherry Hinton Road

Resident Frequencies is a series of audio snapshots depicting a neighbourhood;

Through a collection of stories, experiences, commentary and history told by the people who live and work there, in their words.

Each episode is interwoven with field recordings, taking the listener on an audio journey through the area, listening to residents and business owners along the way.

These episodes explore two very distinct areas around Cambridge Leisure, although only 500 yards apart ‘The Marque Building’ and the intersection of Hills road and Cherry Hinton Road where it sits, are two very different worlds.. If you thought you knew this neighborhood, think again.


Episode 1: The Marque Building

Mark Wood (Carter and Jonas), Clem Hellier (The Marque Concierge), Rob Verrecchia (Resident at The Marque), Rasia (Elan House resident) Abdula (Elan House resident), David Bishop (Porter The Marque) Anonymous from Belgium (Resident The Marque) 


Episode 2: Cherry Hinton Road West

Tracy Saunders (Go Glass, 127 Cherry Hinton Road) Dini (Rogue Barbers, 6 Cherry Hinton Road) Derrick (Custom Ink Tattooing, 110 Cherry Hinton Road), Alice Archer (Cambridge Wine Merchants 167 Cherry Hinton Road) Anita and Jeremy Harmer (Local residents), Tony Malik (local resident) Kim and Martin (local residents and business owners), Paddy and Nelly Mannelly (Rathmore Members Club) 


Lucia Scazzocchio

Lucia Scazzocchio describes herself as a ‘Social ‘Broadcaster’. She uses the magic of audio to retell and reimagine personal stories, narratives and social conversations to create a fresh transmission of the contemporary narratives around us, she believes that everyone has an interesting story; these stories just need the right context and framework to be heard.