Pre-recorded features by Hunt & Darton

Hunt & Darton’s Great Plant Give Away is a 45 minutes programme documenting a live event in which Hunt & Darton visit 3 towers blocks surrounding Cambridge Leisure Square, dressed in matching palm print dresses and headwear with a trolley filled with plants to give away to residents for free. In doing so Hunt & Darton invite conversation about gardening and in some cases gain access to flats and balconies to find out more about residents who garden and how they do it in alternative spaces. We visit a balcony garden, a house-plant collection and a roof garden and talk to young man about gardening in fish tanks. The premise to portray the observation that where these small sprouting cared for spaces are, is where the brand new characterless flats suddenly seem like 'home'. 


The Family is a 6 part series that follows two local families eating together in 3 consecutive families meals- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Each episode comprises of a live unedited audio recording of the family meal from beginning to end. The Briggs have two twin boys and The Gallagher’s have one child. Both families live near Cambridge Leisure square. The idea of the series was to present real family life.


Industry Experts from the Industrial Estate

We visit 5 different businesses occupying Clifton Industrial estate (Clip n Climb. Screwfix, Howdens, Arco, and Dean and Wood). In each episode we meet the manager, find out what they are experts in and either take part in an activity or witness a demonstration. We climbed, got safe, learnt about screws and watched a forklift truck lift 6 planks of wood. 


Kitchen Sounds

5 restaurant kitchens (Nandos, Frankie and Benny's, Bella Italia, the Burger Van and Five Guys) from those situated on the Leisure Park. The audio featured in a game we played during the live show called Kitchen Sounds in which we invite the public to phone in to guess which kitchen the sound comes from.


Hunt & Darton

Hunt & Darton are a Live Art Collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. We have both practiced Art since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2003 and been working together for 8 years.

Approaching Live Art from a Fine Art background we work across mediums with a sculptural approach to performance, choreographing words and movement in a sensory way and setting up alternative spaces – often creating installations to perform within. Our work derives from our shared celebrations and anxieties surrounding life choices particularly as women, in Britain, now. Our work has been described as deadpan and absurd, often collapsing into humour. We have a persistent fetish within our practice to consistently re-assess our relationship with our audience, embracing awkward moments, risk taking and constantly trying to close the gap between performer and viewer opting for a raw, underdone, conversational aesthetic. 

Hunt & Darton are the creators of the award-winning Hunt & Darton Cafe a pop-up interactive performance/installation and fully-functioning café where food, service and business are the art with guest waiters, themed days and the sensational signature dish, the roast dinner sandwich.