Statement from Cambridge Junction

In stating our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Cambridge Junction acknowledges that we can do more to tackle racism as an organisation. We have been taking time to educate ourselves, and are making a commitment today to do that work and take steps in becoming actively anti-racist.

We will:

  • Provide unconscious bias training for our staff and board members, and support in becoming anti-racist, with a recognition of the continued work this requires
  • Detail our commitment to anti-racism in our contracts and policies
  • Promote awareness and share information through our social media, in support of organisations working to tackle racism and colonialism
  • Share regularly the actions we are taking to tackle racism, and host and engage in conversation with artists, audiences and our local communities 
  • Hold ourselves accountable and listen 
  • Be open to criticism when we get things wrong, learn from our mistakes, and take action to change
  • Work harder to make our staff team more representative of the communities in which we work
  • Develop audiences to be more representative of the programme that we present 
  • Further reduce barriers in our recruitment processes that may favour white candidates
  • Nurture, support and platform the work of artists of colour, through our programme, commissioning, creative learning and community projects 

This statement and outlined actions have been created using a resource created by Layemi Ikomi, Aye Ikomi and Eibhlin Jones, a tool with which to challenge organisations ( We have used this to challenge ourselves and want to acknowledge their labour in this. We recognise that white-led organisations often ask Black people to educate us and that this is work that we need to take responsibility for ourselves, and are making a commitment to do so. 

This statement is only a beginning. We will continue to be transparent and update on our activity and our ongoing commitment to combat racism as an organisation.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to have a conversation with us about this statement or the work of Cambridge Junction, please do get in touch (email Artistic Director, Matt Burman