Figs In Wigs: Little Wimmin

Date:Tue 19 & Wed 20 Apr 2022
Venue:J2 (seated reduced capacity event)
Price:Pay What You Feel (suggested £12.50)

Figs in Wigs are back (again), and this time they’ve got their period (dresses).

An apocalyptic, live art, feminist ‘adaptation’ of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women.

Wild, chaotic and cosmically comical, the cast of five women turn the novel into a darkly funny, and sickeningly surreal show with their distinctive punky and clunky perspective.

Little Wimmin dissolves the traditional canon to make way for the doomed future of humankind. The themes of the book are shown in stark contrast to contemporary calamity to ask what’s changed, for better or for worse? And if we are all going to be underwater in 12 years, does it even matter?

Prepare to laugh at the traditions of theatre and poke fun at people’s obsession with ‘the classics’ as the Figs use the story as their very own trojan horse, turning it on it’s head before dismantling it entirely and mutating it into an unrecognisable cartoon catastrophe that talks of climate change, astrology and the infinite nature of the universe.

P.S. Beth dies.

This is a reduced capacity event to allow more space within the auditorium.


Why you should come...

"You may have noticed that Cambridge Junction loves Figs in Wigs. If you haven’t yet joined the fan club then Little Wimmin is an excellent gateway show. Expect irreverence, pop, synchrodancing and smashing the patriarchy. Do not miss!" 

Matt, Artistic Director, Cambridge Junction 



Spring 2022 Arts Guide

"Revelling in brazen, absurdist satire, outlandish performance collective Figs in Wigs do anything but revere the 19th-century classic...  An ode to storytelling, and an anarchic glimpse of how much fun experimental performance art can have."

★★★★ The Guardian


"their cosmic, climate-change themed, batshit crazy version of Little Women (retitled Little Wimmin). That adaptation ate itself, spiralling outwards into action with only the most tenuous of links to Alcott’s novel"

Exeunt Magazine


This is a reduced capacity event to allow more space within the auditorium.

WARNINGS: Flashing lights, strobe, blackouts, loud sudden noise, distressing soundscape, screaming, OTT death scene.

Age: 12+

Duration: 2 hours

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