Decolonising Theatre: Conscientious Theatre Training - Workshop

Date:Tue 26 Feb
Time:2 - 5pm
Venue:J1 Upstairs Bar

Theatre practitioner and educator, Nicole Brewer (USA), shares her practice of Conscientious Theatre Training. Conscientious Theatre Training (CTT), which she has been running in theatres and universities across the USA: the workshop embraces anti-racist theory (systems of oppression) and research on white power, privilege, and fragility and incorporates that into how we use education as a disruptive force for the seemingly impenetrable racist structures and systems that remain intact despite efforts to disrupt or dismantle them: “I approach my work from a understanding that our collective liberation is tied to one another and so CTT is also an entry point to dealing with other socially oppressed groups such as, but not limited to, women, trans persons, LGBTQIA+, and immigrants whose oppression is perpetrated through already existing and shifting racist systems.”

The workshop will be a combination of discussion and exercises, and is open to all with an interest (practical or theoretical) in theatre.

No reviews.

Places are free but you do need to book in advance.

Duration: 3 hours

Age: 17+

Please wear comfortable clothing.